Kalyna Country…Spectacular Attractions

banner-comestayEcomuseum Attractions – Kalyna Country is a tourism region-presenting some of Alberta’s and Western Canada’s most unique experiences. Extending east and northeast from Edmonton, the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is one of the most historic places in Alberta. Follow our rivers and roads to experience a millenia of aboriginal culture, a landscape traversed by the great explorers and fur traders, prior to the homesteading era and the coming of the railroad. Kalyna Country is Alberta’s multi-cultural capital. Kalyna Country contains Canada’s largest Ukrainian settlement; some of Alberta’s largest concentrations of French, Cree, Metis and Romanian settlement; Alberta’s only Irish settlement, plus German, Scandinavian, British and other slavic cultures. All of these groups, together have combined to give Kalyna Country a distinct flavour that sets the region apart from other rural areas of Alberta.
Kalyna Country is proud to help preserve our heritage by sponsoring:

– Edmonton & Athabaska District Historic Festival

Heritage Attractions – Boasting a wealth of cultural heritage, east central Alberta is laced with ancient aboriginal trails, dotted with former forts, and claims some of the earliest farmsteads established in Western Canada. In total there are over 50 museums and historic sites throughout the region with a variety of interesting collections all ages will enjoy. Historic mainstreets & historic murals are located throughout communities across Kalyna Country. See museums directory.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village – This award winning attraction offers a unique perspective into the personal hardships and triumphs of the Ukrainian immigrants who came to Central Alberta between 1892 – 1930. The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is located only 3 km east of Elk Island National Park, just 25 minutes east of Edmonton on Hwy 16.  This open-air museum houses over 30 historic buildings, complete with role players dressed in period costume.  An entire lifestyle is recreated to excite your family’s imagination!  Tour the grounds on foot or by a horse-drawn wagon and learn about the history of this Ukrainian settlement as you go.  Guided tours of the farmsteads, town site and rural community are a popular choice for groups, or explore the area on your own.

“Ukrainian Weddings” – Summer 2010
Explore an exhibition of Ukrainian wedding traditions in four different settings and time frames – from traditional village settings in Ukraine to the way these traditions have been continued in Canada. Highlights include video clips from several weddings in both Canada and Ukraine, bringing together a variety of sights, sounds and movements in this unique display. Ukrainian Weddings is presented in cooperation with the Kule Folklore Centre.Find more information at

Elk Island National Park – Elk Island National Park plays a significant role in protecting the ecological integrity of the Beaver Hills area.  At the turn of the millennium, the Beaver Hills Initiative was established in collaboration with municipal partners, environmental groups, the provincial government, industry, and the Park.  Its mission is to “work together for a sustainable region, through shared initiatives and coordinated action”. This initiative supports cooperative efforts to sustain the quality of water, land, air, natural resources and community development.
If you visit Elk Island in the summer, take in a round of golf at the 9-hole course, stay at the Sandy Beach campground (reservations recommended), canoe around Astotin Lake or sit back, relax and enjoy an interpretive program. Trails range from 300 metres to 16.5 kilometres and can be used in a variety of ways such as bird/wildlife watching, hiking, biking, x-country skiing, snowshoeing, and Nordic hiking throughout the year. Wildlife viewing and photography opportunities in the winter are unprecedented!
Elk Island National Park is just a short drive away, located 35 kilometres east of Edmonton along Highway 16. Park entry passes can be purchased at all entrances as well as the Warden Office. Park information is available at the visitor information centre and from staff within the park. For more information about Elk Island National Park, visit our web site at or call (780) 992-2950.