Bordering East Edmonton

Heading east from Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan is a city with all the amenities you need to stock up for your trip into Kalyna Country. Driving from Manning Freeway or Hwy 16 to Hwy 21 into Fort Saskatchewan you are on the doorstep of a fascinating region just waiting to be explored. A short drive east from Fort Saskatchewan, Josephburg hosts a number of great events at the Moyer Recreation Centre. Heading south on any number of paved Strathcona County roads you may find a berry farm, a golf course and of course some beautiful acreages amongst interesting scenery. Just south of Hwy. 16 on Sec. Hwy 824, Ardrossan is definitely the service centre for many in rural Strathcona County. From here travel further south and you can choose to go west to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre or carry on and maybe visit Halfmoon or Cooking Lake Recreation Areas. When you need to recharge, you can head back on Sec. Hwy 630 (Wye Rd) or Hwy 14 to Sherwood Park the bustling urban centre in Strathcona County.