Daytrips & Tours

Kalyna Country is…

Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is a “living museum”, which showcases the natural and cultural history of East European farming settlements and Indian Reservations within and around the drainage basin of the North Saskatchewan River. Unlike traditional museums, where artifacts are assembled for display in a central location, an ecomuseum invites visitors to experience historical and natural attractions in their original settings, while enjoying the modern-day communities created by today’s inhabitants.

Come with us now as we travel back through time to the present along the information highway!

Scenic Drives & Vistas

  • Akasu Hill – Lavoy, Minburn County. Highest point in the region. Highway 16
  • Elk Island National Park – Highway 16
  • Hwy 646 Elk Point to Heinsberg
  • North Saskatchewan River Valley
  • The Victoria Trail – on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River
  • Kubasa Canyon in Smoky Lake County – Highway 857, County Road 110 east
  • Fabyan Train Trestle west of Wainwright off of Highway 14
  • Snake Hill – overlooking the North Saskatchewan River by Marwayne. Highway 897