Kalyna Country…Awesome Fishing!

The many stocked ponds, rivers and lakes have blessed Kalyna Country with Sturgeon, Walleye, Goldeye, Mooneye, Sauger, Northern Pike, Burbot, Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout and Lake Whitefish. Click for information on fishing guides or choose your own fishing vacation by exploring the opportunities offered throughout Kalyna Country.

Fishing Regulations (780) 944-0313
Fishing Licensing Outlets – 1-888-944-5494


Bellis Beach Lake

Bellis, AB
Phone number: (780) 650-0412
25 sites, day use area. Recreation: Beach, swimming, fishing, canoeing. The lake is stocked with 15,000 rainbow trout in May every year.

North Saskatchewan River Guide

Heinsburg, AB
Phone number: (780) 826-4261
North Saskatchewan River Guide offers fishing charters and jet boat safaris located in Heinsburg at North Saskatchewan River RV Campground.


Doug’s Service Garage

Ashmont, AB
Phone number: (780) 726-3941
Service station & convenience store.  Fishing supplies, Propane, Gas & Diesel Open: Weekdays – 7 am – 9 pm Weekends – 8 am – 9 pm VISA, M/C & Debit


  • AMISK LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish. 14 km E of Boyle, then 1 km S.
  • ARM LAKE: pike, perch. SW of Wainwright.
  • BELLIS BEACH LAKE: rainbow, perch. Off Hwy 28, 2 km S of Bellis.
  • BLACK NUGGET LAKE: rainbow. 10 km E of Tofield on Hwy 14, then 11 km S.
  • BONNIE LAKE: pike, perch. 5 km E of Vilna on Hwy 28, 4 km N.
  • BOYLE POND: rainbow. S of Boyle.
  • BUD MILLER PARK: rainbow. In Lloydminster.
  • BUFFALO LAKE (METIS SETTLEMENT): pike, perch. W of Hwy 855.
  • CACHE LAKE: pike, perch. 4km E of Vilna an Hwy 28 6 km S.
  • CARDIFF PARK – CARDIFF LAKE: trout, perch. Just E of Morinville off Cardiff Road.
  • CHICKENHILL LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. 6 km S from St. Vincent on Hwy 881, 13 km S from Glendon on Hwy 882 & 3 km E.
  • CLEAR LAKE: perch, walleye, pike. 9.6 km W of Edgerton.
  • FISHING LAKE – pike, perch. Fishing Lake Metis Settlement.
  • FLOATING STONE (BOYNE) LAKE: pike, walleye, whitefish, perch, burbot. 4 km E of Ashmont on Hwy 28, 8 km N on paved road.
  • FORK LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. 6 km E of Ashmont on Hwy 28A, 27 km N.
  • FRENCHMAN LAKE: yellow perch, pike, walleye, whitefish, burbot. NE of Rich Lake off Hwy 55.
  • FROG LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. 3 km N of Frog Lake on Hwy 897.
  • GARNER LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, burbot. 5 km N of Spedden.
  • GIBBONS POND: rainbow.
  • GOODFISH LAKE: pike, walleye, whitefish, perch, burbot. Hwy 28 N of junction with Hwy 662, 19 km N.
  • HALFMOON LAKE PARK: pike, perch. 14 km W of Thorhild along Hwy 18 & 12 km S.
  • HANMORE LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish. 19 km N of Smoky Lake.
  • IRMA FISH & GAME POND: rainbow.
  • INNISFREE TROUT POND: rainbow. Located on Hwy 16 W of Innisfree.
  • ISLAND LAKE: pike, perch, small-mouth bass. 5 km NE of Hanmore Lake.
  • JACKFISH LAKE: rainbow. 6 km S of Myrnam, 5 km W.
  • KADUC LAKE: perch, pike. 9 km N of Bellis.
  • KEHIWIN LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. Hwy 28 E of St. Paul to Hwy 41, 5 km N.
  • LAC BELLEVUE: walleye, pike, perch. S of St. Paul.
  • LAC SAINT CYR: pike, perch. 21 E of Lafond on Hwy 646, 1.5 km N, 1km E.
  • LAC SANTE: pike, perch, walleye, whitefish, burbot. 10 km E, 3 km N of Brosseau.
  • LAMONT TROUT POND: rainbow. N side of Lamont on Hwy 637.
  • LAURIER LAKE: pike, walleye, perch. 11km N of Heinsburg. (Whitney Lake Prov. Park)
  • LEGAL RESERVOIR: rainbow.
  • LITTLE PERCH LAKE: pike. S of St. Paul off Hwy 646 & Hwy 881.
  • LONE PINE LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. 3 km S of Kikino Metis Settlement.
  • LONG LAKE (1): pike, whitefish, burbot, walleye, perch. 38 km N of
  • Waskatenau in Long Lake Provincial Park.
  • LONG LAKE (2): pike. 7 km S, 12 km E from Sputinow.
  • MINNIE LAKE: pike, perch. E of Glendon on Hwy 660.
  • MONS LAKE: pike, perch. 6 km E of Smoky Lake on Hwy28, 4 km N.
  • MOOSEHILLS LAKE: pike. 6 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646, 4 km N.
  • MORINVILLE FISH POND: trout, perch. E of Hwy 2.
  • NAMPEI CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow. S of Radway 5.5 km, E 100 m on access road.
  • NORTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER: walleye, goldeneye, perch, sauger, pike, lake sturgeon, mountain whitefish, burbot.
  • PINEHURST LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. NE of
  • Rich Lake off Hwy 55.
  • RAFT LAKE: pike, perch. N of Clandonald.
  • RED LAKE: pike. 3 miles W & 2 miles N of Garner Lake.
  • REED LAKE: pike perch. 5 km N of Garner Lake Provincial Park.
  • RICH LAKE: pike, perch. N of Hwy 55.
  • ROSS LAKE: pike, perch. 28 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646.
  • SADDLE LAKE: pike, walleye, burbot, perch, whitefish. N of Saddle Lake community.
  • SHEMELUK LAKE: rainbow. 5 km E of Smoky Lake on Hwy 28, 10 km N, turn left at T-intersection, 15 km W.
  • STONEY LAKE: pike, perch. 13 km W of Elk Point.
  • STURGEON RIVER: walleye, pike, perch, burbot, goldeye, sturgeon, whitefish, sauger. From Big Lake downstream to the North Saskatchewan River.
  • TWO HILLS TROUT POND: rainbow. Along Hwy 36 across from Geleta Park.
  • VEGREVILLE ELKS/KINSMEN POND: rainbow. NE Vegreville, next to Pysanka.
  • VERMILION PROVINCIAL PARK – TROUT POND: rainbow. In Vermilion , follow signs.
  • VEGREVILLE TROUT POND (Reservoir): rainbow. S of Vegreville on Hwy 16A.
  • VIKING TROUT POND: rainbow.
  • VINCENT LAKE: walleye, pike, perch. 3 km S of St. Vincent on Hwy 881, 3 km W.
    WAYETENAW LAKE: pike, perch. 2 km S, 2 km E of Whitefish Lake.
  • WHITEFISH LAKE: pike, burbot, walleye, whitefish, perch. 6 km E of Vilna on Hwy 28, 27 km N.
  • WHITNEY LAKE: pike, perch. 27 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646.
  • WILLINGDON FISH & POND: rainbow. In town.
  • WOLF LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish. E of Iron River on Hwy 55, turn N