Historic Churches

100+ Byzantine – Style Historic Churches

Among the architectural treasures of Kalyna Country are more than 100 churches, most of them built in the “onion-domed” Byzantine style by Kalyna Country devout Ukrainian pioneers. Whereas late 19th century German-speaking immigrants established religious communities at Josephburg and Bruderheim, Hutterite colonists of more recent origin maintain Old World customs and traditional dress and modern communal farms in several Kalyna Country districts, such as in Lamont County, the self-proclaimed church capital of North America. Other important spiritual landmarks include the grotto at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, in the polish district of Skaro; St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church, at Boian, the Goodfish Lake burial place of the Ojibway evangelist, Henry Bird Steinhauer (1818 – 1884); the McDougall Methodist Mission at the Victoria Settlement; and the St. Paul de Cris Catholic Mission founded at Brosseau in 1865 by Father Albert Lacombe. Inquire about our Church Tours and other Special Tours.