North Saskatchewan River

North Saskatchewan River – Kalyna’s Riverland…

The North Saskatchewan River is the natural and geographic foundation of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum. The Ecomuseum encompasses the River’s watershed between Edmonton and the Saskatchewan Border. The river gets its name from the Cree word Kisaskatchewan meaning ”swiftly moving water”. Native people hunted and camped along its shores for thousands of years before the arrival of the fur trade and great explorers like David Thompson. The North Saskatchewan River is the 11th longest river in Canada and is one of the most beautiful and historic watercourses in the west. Also part of the Watershed and flowing into the North Saskatchewan are the other rivers in Kalyna Country – Sturgeon River, Vermilion River and the Battle River. Follow these rivers to also enjoy the scenery and other recreational opportunities.

Wildlife Viewing – Each year after ice thaws out along its banks, scores of birds migrate to the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The areas mix of intertwining ecosystems make this type of habitat a photographic opportunity unique only to this region and boasts the most bird species in the province and the most diverse fish species in the province. There are ample opportunities to see unique species of birds as pelicans, kingfishers, turkey vultures, bald eagles and more. In addition to this, all types of ducks, various moose, deer, beavers and bears frequent the shorelines of the river.

Canoeing and Boating – Motor boating with an experienced guide is recommended since it is a very shallow, rocky river. Custom river tours by jet boat and canoe are available. The scenic river valley is perfect for a canoe, kayak or rafting trip. Watch for periodic rapids and protruding rocks. Hand boats can be launched at most river crossings.

Fishing – Sturgeon, Walleye, Goldeye, Mooneye, Sauger, Burbot and Northern Pike inhabit the North Saskatchewan River in Kalyna Country.

North Saskatchewan River Guide offers guided fishing charters and jet boat safaris on the North Saskatchewan River located in Heinsburg at North Saskatchewan River RV Campground.

Canoe trips are now available from Edmonton Canoe Club  and Canoe Adventures on the North Saskatchewan River.

Trails along the River include Alberta’s Iron House Trail and The Victoria Trail. See our Trails section for more details.

Along the North Saskatchewan River includes Provincial Historic Sites – Fort George & Buckingham House, Victoria Settlement & Metis Crossing.