Hairy Hill, Alberta

Where the Buffalo Roamed

The unusual name of this small community is rooted in history. The buffalo used to sun themselves on these picturesque hills and had rubbing wallows where large amounts of hair would accumulate. In the 1900’s when the Canadian Pacific Railway laid its tracks they found all the buffalo hair on the large hills and named the hamlet Hairy Hill. The original hamlet site was located two miles south of its present location and was relocated to be closer to the railway. The hamlet of Hairy Hill is only 95 km from Edmonton and plays host to the very popular Hairy Hill Rodeo on July 10&11, 2015 Activities include heavy horse pull, wild pony races, sheep riding, silent auction, dance and more! For more information call 780-768-3880.

From the rodeo grounds you can see the hills that Hairy Hill was named after. Hairy Hill is in close proximity to Spring Creek Ranch and Highland Feeders, one of Northern Alberta’s larger feedlots. As well, Highland Feeders operates its new venture, Highmark Renewables, which produces electricity from cattle manure. For more information call 780-768-2466.